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Hair Loss Scarf

Type: Head Scarf
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This multifunctional hair loss scarf a pre tied scarf with a 6 in 1 stylish fun ways to wear. Absolutely stress free styling and it's colour colours is sure to match most outfit in any wardrobe!
Wear it as neck tie, neck scarf, turban, tie it back or to the front. Effortless styling and comfortable to wear all day.
- High quality satin silk blend fabric.
- Light weight, super soft and smooth to feel
- Easy adjustable strap for great fitting. Just put it on and knot the ties or style your way
- Can be worn with hair or without hair

- Benefits of using this satin blend scarf
* Helps limit hair breakage and split ends when it rubs against the scarf
* It creates that smooth perfect hair and scalp glide when used at bed time , hence reduces hair damage as you roll around while sleeping
* Keeps hair products that have been applied to hair in place and away from staining your pillow
* Holds hair in place and keeps it moist
* This Satin scarf is super soft and kind to your hair. Keeps the hair and scalp gliding through it without getting caught in it's fibres

- Care
* Hand wash or machine wash in lukewarm water with a mild detergent
* Air dry or tumble dry on low heat
* Iron on low heat

- Brand- Worldbuy-London
- Handmade with love and care
- Made in the UK

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss ( Do this once or twice a week )
These are only advice on using natural remedies for hair growth and should not be taken as a medical advice.
- Scalp massage can help stimulate and improve hair growth and thickness. It also helps you relax and reduce the feeling of stress
- Use natural essential oil of your choice to do the scalp massage, a few drops is all you need.
- Use your finger tips to massage your scalp gently with very light pressure.
-Coconut oil, olive oil and alma oil are all natural hair oil that you can use on your hair
- Use aloe vera to sooth the scalp and condition your hair. Aloe vera is known to unblock hair follicles that may be blocked by excess oil
- Keep your scalp and hair away from the harsh weather and sun by covering it with a hair friendly satin head cover with limit the extent of nutrients been sapped away by the forces of nature as mentioned earlier.
Most importantly develop a constant routine for your hair care